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"I think SpokenSkills is a very good site providing interactive communication between learners and instructors. This one-to-one tool allows close monitoring on learners' progress. As a learner, I can understand better the feedback given by my instructor in spoken form, compared with the traditional written form. In terms of technical aspect, SpokenSkills is extremely user-friendly. The instructions of how to start using all the functions are clear. The recording quality is also good."

Dr. Ruth Yontz
Department of Finance
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"As a corporate trainer providing communication skills training for individuals who speak English as their second language, I need to assess the language skills of participants in my group classes and one-on-one coaching sessions. The Spoken Test tool works extremely well for me for a number of reasons:
  • It is flexible- I can easily customize the content of my assessments.
  • It is intuitive - My participants can log in, record, preview, and upload their recordings following the clear instructions listed on the site.
  • It is relevant- I receive notification when someone completes an assessment, and I can then record my feedback and make it available to the participant in a timely manner.
  • It is well-organized- There are sections on the site for class administration, submitted assignments, and materials creation. It is easy to locate a participant's recording or an assessment to be assigned.
"The Spoken Test assessment tool allows me to have one convenient place to access all assessments without taking up a huge amount of space on my computer or in my briefcase.

Additionally, the support that the Spoken Skills staff provides is timely and excellent. My questions and those of my participants are always answered quickly with virtually no time lost due to inability to log in or record. A big plus is that everyone affiliated with Spoken Skills is knowledgeable, very personable, and extremely helpful?frequently offering suggestions on how to use the system to the greatest benefit.

I know my participants value the recorded, easily accessible feedback that they receive after completing their assessments, and I believe that this Spoken Skills system has made a qualitative difference in my training practice."

Judy West, M.S. Ed., Principal
English That Works, Inc.

"Spoken Test is an easy, customizable tool that helps managers and teachers measure their students', employees', or job applicants' speech and listening skills, accurately identify problem areas, track training progress, and archive results -- all online from anywhere in the world."

Carlos Grana
Managing Director
English League
San Francisco, California

"Thank you Spoken Skills for providing an outstanding, professional service to the TESOL community. Because of your website, I have been able to expand my teaching career in ways I never thought possible. My students have responded very well to this new tool and it is very rewarding to see them flourish. You all receive an A+ in my book!"

MaryEllen Welton
LMJ Language Services
Job Interview Preparation
Tampa, Florida

"Learning how to properly pronounce basic phrases in another language is a great way to establish relationships and build credibility when conducting business in another country. It is for this reason that the InXstream audio feature is a great compliment to the wealth of information found in GlobeSmart."

Ted Dale
Founder and Chairman
Aperian Global
San Francisco, California

"Tech support is very responsive and effective. Also, the sound quality is good and the students found SpokenTest easy to use."

Aileen Gum
Associate Professor - English/ESL
San Diego City College